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Enhance your business efficiency using AWS services

Manual scaling, systems management, configuration, monitoring and management pressure people to be correct in all details of their work. It makes processes inefficient. Consequently, it impacts productivity, performance, compliance, customer and employee satisfaction, and ultimately revenue.

Leverage AWS cloud services to automate scaling, configuration, monitoring and so on. This improves operational efficiency, creates new revenue streams, reduces business risks and scales your ever-evolving business needs. Our AWS experts help create cloud strategies, develop solutions and implement them to maximize your ROI from various AWS services.


Our AWS cloud services

AWS cloud consulting

Hire our AWS consultants to enable efficiency and growth. Our AWS consulting and migration approach offers strategies, roadmap and tools for aligning AWS cloud infrastructure with your business needs.

AWS cloud migration
Migrate your company infrastructure, workflows and apps to the AWS cloud. Our comprehensive AWS cloud migration services approach facilitates the most efficient cloud migration. Our framework also limits downtime and ensures data integrity.
AWS data analytics
Our AWS certified cloud practitioners use Amazon Athena, Redshift, QuickSight, SageMaker, Polly, Rekognition, Lake Formation, Glue, etc. The goal is to empower your drive for innovation and ensure seamless performance across your business operations.
AWS machine learning
Our AWS certified solutions architects leverage different AWS machine learning tools like AWS SageMaker, DeepLens, Forecast, PyTorch on AWS, etc. They also design custom algorithms. The goal is to make informed decisions that improve your ROI.
AWS managed services
Hire our AWS experts to help your business reap the full benefits of the AWS cloud ecosystem. This enables faster app deployments, thorough app performance monitoring, timely resolution of AWS-related incidents, improved process efficiency and scalability for better business outcomes.
AWS containerization

Get the best of Amazon containerization using ECS, EKS, Docker and Kubernetes. Our AWS certified solutions architects evaluate how containers can meet your specific needs and deliver high value for your team and end users.

AWS DevOps
If you are a high-paced company, focusing on building and delivering applications and services faster, AWS DevOps services are worth for you. Our AWS DevOps experts build an end-to-end solution for automating your software release process.
Elevate your connected products and accelerate your time-to-market using Avnet’s IoTConnect platform’s capabilities. This strategic collaboration with AWS will help you in device lifecycle management, multi-protocol connectivity, using pre-built business applications, etc.
Our AWS certified developers build APIs (Amazon API Gateway), workflows (AWS Step Functions), queues (Amazon Simple Queue Service), databases (Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora) and more. AWS serverless eliminates operational overhead, increases agility and optimizes costs.

Softweb Solutions’ AWS services process

Audit and assessment
  • Information gathering
  • Existing IT setup diagnosis
  • Assess AWS ecosystem requirements
  • Draft a cloud journey roadmap
Solutions development and delivery
  • Build the solutions in AWS
  • Application migration and modernization
  • Test and application integration
  • Deliver solutions and fine-tuning
Solution deployment and automation
  • Solutions deployment through CI/CD pipeline
  • Employ AWS auto scaling and resiliency
  • Use AWS DevOps automation
  • Explore Docker and Microservices
AWS app maintenance and support
  • Effective AWS app maintenance
  • 24/7 support services to resolve your issues
  • Attain best operational performance
  • Leverage AWS services to its full potential

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